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That sexy subject... Food Safety

Let’s touch on food safety. Though hugely important, food safety doesn’t simply begin and end with a clean kitchen, there is so much more to consider when preparing safe food for your family and for sale to the public.

I have a 5* Food Hygiene rating awarded by Wirral Borough Council, this means I not only have a scrupulously clean premises, but that I also have numerous procedures and tools in place to ensure my food arrives with you in as safe a state as is possible, and that you know exactly what that food contains (thanks to my comprehensive labeling.)

One tool I highly recommend to everybody (home/business) is a regular email alert from the Food Standards Agency outlining foods/ingredients which have been recalled. In light of recent stories involving incorrect labeling of foods containing allergens, and listeria found in frozen veg... this alert is a potential life saver.

Delve further in to the site and you’ll find how to avoid various food poisoning bacteria and articles on best practice cleaning, chilling and cross contamination… It’s a real eye opener and I guarantee, the majority of us have taken risks, albeit unknowingly with our own food safety.... You’d be surprised how quickly E-coli can grow on a dish cloth! I still don’t know exactly how fast, but I can tell you I change my dish cloth approximately 10 times a day now, and more if my kids and husband have been let lose in the kitchen!

Visit the Food Standards Agency Alerts here: https://www.food.gov.uk/news-alerts/search/alerts

Thank you for reading this blog post…. I hope you take something away from it and I'd be interested to hear if any of the information provided makes you change some of your food prep habits.

Much Fudging Love,

Shelagh xxx


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